You may have heard about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the news channels. Currently, the policies in your Marketplace insurance plan for COVID-19 treatment are the same as they are for any other viral infection.

Check with your insurance coverage provider for details on their specific benefits and coverage plans. Here is some additional information about how your Marketplace health plan handles COVID-19:

Understanding your health insurance

1) Lab and other facilities

Individual and small group private issuers are typically required to include laboratory facilities as a part of Essential Health Benefits. Health insurance for a specific diagnostic or laboratory service varies by plan, so check with your insurance provider about their coverage for COVID-19 lab tests and related services. This also applies to your health plan’s coverage for doctor and hospital facilities related to COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment.

2) Telehealth

Many health insurance agencies already cover telehealth services and home health appointments. You should check with your insurance provider to see if these services are covered and how much you’ll have to pay.

3) Enrolling in a health plan

If you aren’t already enrolled in coverage, check your eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period through Insurance Shopping. Be mindful, federal regulations and standards provide protections for pre-existing medical condition exclusions in insurance coverage. If you get approved, health plans must allow you to register regardless of your health status, gender, age, or other factors that may influence the use of medical care services. Coverage under Marketplace plans cannot be terminated due to a change in health status, including physical examination or treatment of COVID-19.

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