If you had Marketplace coverage in 2021 and didn’t re-enroll or change your health plan by January 15, the Marketplace most likely enrolled you in the same (or a comparable) plan for 2022 based on your 2021 application information.

As a result, you’ll have health insurance starting January 1. However, updating your application and comparing plans is the only way to ensure you have the proper savings and the best plan for you.


IMPORTANT: You have until January 15 to stick with this plan or change it.

Even though your 2022 health care coverage has begun, you can keep the plan you’ve been enrolled in or switch to another.


Don’t miss out on the most cost-effective plan and discounts for you

Even if you’re satisfied with your current 2022 health insurance plan, you should update your information and compare plans:

  • Financial assistance is based on your projected income for 2022, not 2021. The only way to ensure you obtain the proper amount of savings in 2022 is to update your income and family information. If you don’t, you could end up owing money when you file your taxes or paying more monthly premiums than you need to during the year.
  • This year, new healthcare plans and rates that are more convenient for you may become available. If you don’t update and compare for yourself, you’ll never know.



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