While most participants provided all of the information required on their applications, some consumers were requested additional information when they applied for Marketplace coverage. We would need your help if we asked for information to back up what you said on your application. Your application’s data may not always match what we found in other records. You could complete the enrollment procedure, but you must contact the Marketplace as soon as possible and provide additional documentation to ensure that the Marketplace has the necessary information.


If the Marketplace asks for more information, here are seven things to keep in mind.

  1. The Marketplace has mailed or emailed you to request further information to remedy the problem and update your Marketplace eligibility. We’ll also email you a reminder if you haven’t responded.
  2. You must act to upload or transmit papers. It may affect your tax credit or insurance coverage. The quickest way to get your documents to us is to upload them. This can be done using your HealthCare.gov account.
  3. The notice you received specifies the information the Marketplace requires from you. To upload the documents, go to HealthCare.gov and log in to your Marketplace account. Select your current application and then click Application Details from the menu on the left side of your screen once you’ve logged in. You’ll see a list of any discrepancies in your application on the next screen. To correct the problem, follow the instructions for each inconsistency to upload the necessary documentation. Work through the steps to upload documentation for each inconsistency if your application has more than one or if more than one person has discrepancies. This is the quickest method of having your documents processed. Note: In the name of the file you upload, do not add the following characters: /: *? ” > |.
  4. If you prefer to send in your documents, include the page from the Marketplace notice that contains a barcode specific to you and your situation. This page helps us match your mailed documents to your Marketplace application quickly.
  5. You’ll be able to keep your current Marketplace coverage while we work on reviewing your documents.
  6. If you’ve uploaded or sent in papers but haven’t received a response or progress update from the Marketplace, your information is still being processed.
  7. Even if the deadline for submitting papers on your notice is approaching or has already gone, you should still submit documentation.


When we ask for more information, you can upload or mail us a list of papers. Call the Marketplace Call Center if you have any questions.

Remember to give the additional information we requested so that we can ensure that you preserve your Marketplace coverage, as well as any tax credits or cost-sharing reductions you’re currently receiving. When your information has been validated, and your issue has been fixed, the Marketplace will notify you. If you don’t deliver the required documentation, you risk losing your Marketplace coverage, as well as any financial assistance you may be receiving to pay for it. We owe it to you and the rest of the taxpayers to double-check this data. As a result, please assist us in completing this chore and cross it off your “to-do” list today.