Nobody plans to get ill or injured, but most people need healthcare at some point in their lives, whether it’s a doctor’s visit, a lab test, a prescription drug, counseling, or physical therapy. These services can be pretty expensive to buy.

And if something occurs that necessitates surgery or emergency care, it’s crucial to have health insurance coverage. A broken leg can cost almost $7,500 to repair, and a three-day hospital stay can cost around $30,000.

The Marketplace health insurance provides a set of high-quality plan options for routine and non-routine medical care services that work best for your budget and family needs.

Benefits work even before you have met your deductible

  • In the Marketplace, all programs cover some services for free, such as preventive care facilities and well-woman appointments.
  • Some programs provide other health coverage benefits like lower-cost generic medications and free disease management services.
  • When you get medical care from a provider in your plan’s network, you will pay lower costs than if you didn’t have insurance. This can result in annual savings of hundreds of dollars.

What Marketplace Health Insurance Covers

One of the advantages of purchasing health insurance through the Marketplace is that all health plans cover the same essential health benefits, even if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Here are a few more benefits, in addition to doctor visits, surgery, hospitalization, lab tests, and emergency care:

  • Pregnancy, newborn, and maternity care is provided before and after the birth of your child. You could obtain this coverage – even if you were pregnant before the start of your coverage. The majority of plans also cover breastfeeding.
  • Children, adults, and women can all benefit from preventive services. Preventive care for women includes contraceptive care and well-woman visits.
  • Services for mental health and drug abuse, including behavioral health treatment such as psychotherapy and counseling
  • Prescription medications

Additional Health Coverage

There might be additional benefits to purchasing health insurance through the Marketplace program, such as plans that include vision and dental coverage, as well as coverage for acupuncture or chiropractic services. You’ll find out exactly what each program offers when you compare plans side by side in the Marketplace.

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