As you registered for the 2021 Marketplace health insurance plan, don’t forget to pay your monthly payments or premiums to your insurance company, not the Marketplace agency. Your insurance coverage will not begin until you pay your premiums. 

How to Pay Your Monthly Insurance Premiums Online

1) Go to your Marketplace account and sign in.

2) Choose your “Enrollment Form” from the list of your existing applications.

3) Click the button “pay your first monthly premium.”

4) If internet banking is available, select “Pay for Health Plan Now” to be directed to your insurance company’s website. (If your health insurance company does not accept payments online, they should have approached you to discuss your options. Reach out to them if you have not received bill payments or aren’t sure if you paid. Furthermore, if you purchased your health plan through Insurance Shopping, please contact one of our agents or brokers to assist you in financing your monthly premiums).

Do you still require coverage for the remainder of 2021?

You can register for a Marketplace plan until August 15, 2021, due to COVID-19 pandemic conditions. More candidates than ever before are eligible for healthcare assistance, including those who were previously ineligible.

Learn more about activating your health insurance plan by paying your first premium.