If you had a Marketplace plan in 2021, you should have received Tax Form 1095-A (Marketplace Health Insurance Statement) by mail from the Marketplace agency (not the IRS). After you’ve confirmed that it’s correct, keep it with other important tax information, such as W-2 forms and other records, so you can easily find it when it’s time to file.

Where can I find Form 1095-A on the internet?

If it didn’t arrive in your mailbox or you can’t find it, browse your state agency website and perform the following steps:

  • Access your account.
  • Select your 2021 application rather than your 2022 application under “Your Existing Applications.”
  • Choose “Tax Forms” from the left-hand menu.
  • Download all of the 1095-As displayed on the screen.

If you didn’t find it, contact your insurance agent or broker.

What should you do with Form 1095-A?

  • You cannot file your federal taxes unless you have Tax Form 1095-A. You’ll need it to “reconcile” or check if there’s a discrepancy between the premium tax obligation debt you used during 2021 and the amount you’re eligible for.
  • Before you do anything, double-check that it is correct.
  • If you previously filed with an inaccurate form, you may be required to file an amended tax return using the data on your corrected 1095-A.