Do you know Ms. Alejandra?

Alejandra is a dedicated student with big aspirations. She is looking forward to college and wants to be a health professional like her older sister Mayra. Alejandra, like millions of other young adults in the country, lacks health insurance coverage.

Making ends meet: Trying to make a name for herself

Mayra, Alejandra’s sister, explained:

“Alejandra spent $300 out of her pocket for a routine checkup and school-related vaccinations.

If you’re a teenager like Alejandra, you might not give health insurance coverage much thought—until you need it.

You could have other things on your mind. But what if you got an accident, have a severe illness, or have medical care requirements for college or work?”

How the Marketplace helps young adults like Alejandra

  • In the Marketplace plans, 22 free preventive care treatments are available to keep Alejandra active and healthy. That $300 bill she spent for her medical checkup could have been waived.
  • If she needs assistance in paying for health insurance, she may be eligible for lower-cost coverages through the Marketplace. Alternatively, she can buy “catastrophic” health insurance available to people below 30 when Open Enrollment starts in November.
  • Specific plans and premiums will be available on November 1. Meanwhile, Alejandra can estimate her costs and savings using the state’s company calculator.
  • If she has any questions about her Marketplace application, she will be able to get real-time assistance in English by the phone, in person, or via live webchat.

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Alejandra hopes to find affordable coverage through the Marketplace health insurance on November 1. Her older sister is looking forward to it as well.

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