Do you want to know if you qualify for Marketplace savings on health insurance?

We have developed a quick and straightforward tool to help. You are required to enter your country as well as information about your household size.

Marketplace Saving Programs

Based on your estimated income, we’ll tell you which of the following savings programs you are eligible for.

  • A premium tax credit, which you can use to reduce your monthly expenses for Marketplace health insurance
  • A premium tax obligation credit for a Marketplace coverage plan, as well as savings on your out-of-pocket health services costs (like copayments and deductibles)
  • Coverage is provided for free or at a low cost through Medicaid or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

Check to find out if you qualify for savings.

Please keep in mind that the income figures displayed are for 2021. The 2022 amounts will be available on November 1st.