If your household members had Marketplace insurance coverage in 2021, you would already receive Form 1095-A, also called Marketplace Health Insurance Statement, in your mailbox.

Before you file, three things to learn about Form 1095-A

1) If you don’t find details about your Form 1095-A, check online. If you haven’t received your form in the mail or can’t find it, log in to your online Marketplace account. Remember to pick your 2021 application rather than the 2020 application when you complete these procedures.

2) Make sure your Form 1095-A is correct before applying. Check your immediate health coverage plan and family members’ information, as well as verify your monthly second-lowest-cost silver plans (SLCSP) premiums. If you find any mistakes and errors, contact your state agency as soon as possible. Also, don’t file your tax obligations until you receive the correct Form.

3) You will use the data from your 1095-A Form to calculate your premium tax credit scores. Once you obtain accurate 1095-A Form and SLCSP premiums, you are ready to submit Form 8962, Premium Tax Obligation Credit, and “reconcile.” Furthermore, you’ll compare the credit you use in 2021 to reduce your monthly health coverage expenses with the actual premium tax obligation credit you are entitled to based on your final 2021 income.