Your privacy and security are a serious matter. That is why, whenever you visit, we make sure that essential safeguards are in place to protect the information and data you provide.

We’ve now added a tool that allows you to easily manage some of the information we might collect from you.

Simple On and Off Privacy Settings

As viewers use, we use standard web tools to collect information, such as which websites they came from, which pages they visit, how much time visitors spend, where they exit the website, and other similar actions. We only use it to help us update the site and our public outreach.

However, you can choose not to allow us to collect this information during your visits if you prefer. Our new Privacy Manager will enable you to adjust settings easily in line with your comfort level.

All you need to do is quickly switch to “on” or “off” options to track specific types of information about your website visits. If you select opt-out, you would still have access to everything on Still, we will not use your visit to upgrade the web page or use online ads to remind you about important enrollment information like deadlines.

Please read our privacy policy for a better understanding.