Now that you have Marketplace insurance coverage, understand what you can do now to stay healthy and get the medical care you need:

Directions for Staying Healthy:

  • Make time for exercise, relaxation, healthy eating, and sleep.
  • Take advantage of the preventive services that are appropriate for you.
  • Remember to schedule follow-up appointments. Request your provider to notify you in advance when recommended health screenings will take place.
  • If you have any concerns or questions in-between visits, just contact your provider. It’s their responsibility to assist you in answering any questions you might have about your health conditions.

Suggestions for Getting Proper Medical Care:

  • You can get health services in a variety of settings, including the emergency unit. However, routine medical care and recommended preventive treatments should be obtained from a primary care doctor. They will collaborate with you to ensure you receive the appropriate services, manage chronic conditions, and improve your overall health and well-being.
  • Typically, primary care providers can be found in clinics, offices, and health centers.
  • Some providers and facilities do not accept all insurance plans or types of coverage. Call the department ahead of time to ensure that they take your health insurance.

Read the article “From Coverage to Care: A roadmap for using your new coverage” for advice and information on prioritizing your health, knowing where to go for care, and preparing for appointments.