If you purchased a health coverage plan through the Marketplace in 2021, you must decide whether to change your existing insurance or switch to a new health plan for 2022. To begin the process, read 5 Steps to Staying Covered.

Step 4 of staying covered is to select a health plan for 2022. You can keep the same health plan you had in 2021 (as long as it’s still available) or choose a new one that better meets your needs. If you want to remain registered in your 2021 plan, enter the 14-digit plan ID from the letter you received with your health plan.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you select your plan:

  • You can choose any insurance plan available in your state in 2022, regardless of the type of coverage you had in 2021.
  • All 2021 Marketplace insurance plans include all benefits and safeguards mandated by the healthcare law.
  • You can only use any premium tax obligation credits and cost-sharing reductions if you enroll in a health plan through the Marketplace program.

By December 15, 2021, take action to ensure you have the right health insurance for your needs beginning January 1.

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