We are working hard each day to optimize your experience with InsuranceShopping.com. To accomplish this, we must occasionally perform system maintenance and upgrades.

During maintenance periods, you may be unable to access parts of the site that require logging in, such as:

  • Completing or updating a Marketplace enrollment application
  • Document uploading
  • Enrolling in or renewing your insurance plan

During these times, you can still reach all parts of InsuranceShopping.com that do not require your details, such as:

  • Get answers to your health insurance-related questions.
  • Find someone in your community who can assist you in completing your application, selecting a plan, and enrolling.
  • Learn how to apply when the system is back up and running.
  • Contact us by phone to speak with a customer service representative about your concerns. (During maintenance periods, officials may not have access to connect your data or be able to renew your application.)

The Open Enrollment for 2022 health insurance coverage is now closed. There are only two options for enrolling in 2022 coverage:

Click here to find out if you can enroll in or change your 2021 health insurance.

We appreciate your understanding. The InsuranceShopping.com team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience.