Healthcare costs are taking the world by storm. The high bills make people more prone to search for low-cost alternatives. Plus, things can take a more drastic turn if you reside in a state like Florida, which houses around 21.9 million people. Living in such a large state is already a challenge, and you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with impending high costs. Finding cheap health insurance plans in Florida can make your life easy. These plans can save you from the huge treatment costs which may arise due to emergencies or any uncertain medical complication. Following, we will discuss five important health plans and insurance providers in Florida that can give you peace of mind and secure your future.

Five Cheap Insurance Plans Providers in Florida

Before we start, you should know how health insurance works in Florida. Firstly, Florida doesn’t have its own healthcare Marketplace which can provide customized plans. Florida depends completely on ACA plan guidelines and providers. Therefore, you’ll find insurance companies that are ACA-compliant. 

Secondly, Florida has a state-regulated Medicare program specifically for seniors aged 65 or older. Without any further delay, let’s jolt down to unveil the five affordable and quality-driven insurance providers in Florida.

1. Ambetter

Ambetter is a revolutionary healthcare insurance provider that Centene Corporation owns. It is famous for its affordable low-cost plans in the marketplace. They serve several states in the US and have around 20 million customers worldwide. Once you sign-up with Ambetter, you’ll get access to their exclusive benefits of telehealth, 24/7 nurse advice line, reward program, and health management programs.

Their benefit of reward program provides you with healthcare-associated perks for completing healthy activities and tasks. Overall, it has amazing facilities and an engaging customer service program that makes it unique. Furthermore, it has several tiers of the program, which are quite affordable. Some of the distinguishing features of their plans are as follows:

  1. It has a $0 cost-share for in-network telehealth programs.
  2. The Ambetter select and value plans provide quality healthcare with adequate network options at a low premium cost of around $500.
  3. They have a new innovative virtual access plans program to give you a virtual care experience. You have access to licensed providers, and you can see them at 0$ co-pay.

One of the downfalls of Ambetter plans is that they provide the most basic care at an affordable cost. Therefore, if you are looking for standard care with specific benefits, Ambetter may not work for you. 

2. Aetna

Aetna is a very common name to hear in the healthcare industry. It provides a number of ACA-compliant healthcare plans which are quite affordable. It has all types of plans, including HMO, PPO, and POS plans, with POS being the most popular. POS plans offer a great level of flexibility because you can always see out-of-network providers while still paying a lower copay than PPO plans. 

Aetna has an “A” rating for excellence in A.M best, and it caters to around 14.8 million customers. You can expect to pay around $500 for ACA plans without a subsidy and a premium of $300 with a subsidy. Furthermore, Aetna also offers Medicare and Medicaid programs that are state-regulated. 

Aetna also helps the students get low-cost plans suitable for their needs. Plus, some of its prime benefits include:

  1. Health discounts
  2. Free screenings 
  3. You can visit MinuteClinic for zero cost. 
  4. 24/7 telehealth availability. 

Conclusively, Aetna offers many plans that cater to many population segments in Florida.

3. Everest Reinsurance Company 

Everest is the best out there to provide short-term health insurance. It’s a big insurance company that provides services for multiple sectors, including finance, IT, and healthcare. Everest is one of the cheapest health plans in Florida because it has low deductibles and reasonable prices with comprehensive health coverage. 

Their short-term insurance is quite popular, and you can cancel it anytime during the twelve months. Some of their features include:

  1. Coverage options from $250000 to $1.5 million
  2. There are deductibles options from $1000 to $10000
  3. There are standardised options for copay and coinsurance. 

Everest insurances are suitable because they can provide you freedom of choosing a network and have considerably reasonable payment rates. Plus, they have several services available, including wellness services, therapies, and home care. Everest even offers Medicare supplement plans and sports disability plans. However, they don’t cover prescriptions and pre-existing conditions before you purchase the plan. 

4. Florida Blue

Florida Blue is a subsidiary of the popular nationwide carrier, BlueCross BlueShield. It has many plan offerings, and all of them are affordable because the premiums are reasonable. Florida Blue usually has three plan types: BlueSelect, BlueOptions, and BlueCare. BlueOptions and Blue-Select are the most preferred plans because they are the largest PPO network with around 16000-30,000 doctors. Therefore, the high network gives you the freedom to choose your preferred provider that meets your specifications. 

Plus, the plans are ACA-compliant which means that they offer the ten essential benefits that all health plans must have. Also, you can get subsidies if you are living on a fixed income, which can help you reduce the healthcare bills. Quite recently, during COVID, Florida Blue launched its innovative feature of virtual care. 

The virtual Teladoc of Florida Blue ensures 24/7 access to online care through any communication medium. Moreover, the premiums for a silver Blue-select plan are around $486, which is reasonable for many households.

5. Cigna 

Cigna is popular because of its low-cost affordable health care plans in Florida. The company covers a lot of states and offers plans to different population segments. All of their plans are ACA-compliant and include the necessary benefits for a typical plan. They offer cheap health plans in Florida with a huge provider network. 

Plus, they even offer plans that are aimed at students who have a limited budget. You can have access to the following benefits:

  1. You can virtually talk to a certified doctor for minor problems at $0.
  2. There is a 24/7 health line to assist you. 
  3. There are free preventive services, including flu shots and screenings. 
  4. You get discounts for a gym membership and vision care. 
  5. You can earn a reward with their Take care reward program. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having discussed the cheapest health insurance plans in Florida, we now address the common queries of most of our customers. Some of the main and common questions are as follows.

1. What is a short-term health insurance plan?

A short-term insurance plan typically provides services for twelve months. However, you can have three renewals and can take them for three years. These plans are not ACA-compliant and may not include all the essential benefits, as set by ACA. As a result, they usually have low premiums.

2. Do I need Short-term Health Insurance?

It’s only useful in the following situations:

  1. You have missed the deadline of the annual enrolment period,
  2. Individuals having a waiting period to enrol in another insurance program
  3. People who are jobless and in search of cheap plans
  4. Students, adults, or retirees who require temporary coverage.

3. How to Get Cheap Health Insurance in Florida?

To get cheap health insurance in Florida, you must be proactive during the enrolment period. It’s the time when many providers launch new plans, which have different premiums and services. Therefore, finding a cheap yet quality-driven plan can come after research and getting multiple quotes. If you want to get a customized quote, you can get one from Insurance Shopping. 

4. Is Health Insurance Cheaper in Florida?

As mentioned above, Florida doesn’t have a separate marketplace for health insurance. It relies on ACA-compliant companies which provide health plans across many states. Similarly, Florida also uses Medicaid and Medicare, which are state-regulated programs aimed at seniors. So, it all comes down to your hard work and research. The companies listed above offer the cheapest and competitive prices in Florida; you can choose the one which meets your criteria. 

Also, you may go for Medicaid, which is the cheapest health plan, and may not even require payment. However, you need to get qualified for getting Medicaid. 

5. Where can I get cheap health insurance in Florida?

Cigna, Ambetter, and Florida Blue are some of the major popular providers with cheap health insurance in Florida. Make sure to get quotes from all of them and sign-up for the least costly one.

6. Are there any Florida State Health Resources?

While Florida doesn’t have a separate insurance marketplace, it sure does provide some health resources, including the Florida public health dental program and Florida KidCare. These are public programs that are the cheapest and aim at reducing health disparities.


After reading through this guide, you must have adequate knowledge about the health insurance system of Florida and places where you can expect to find cheap health insurance plans in Florida. 

Do you have any other queries regarding health insurance? Or do you want personalized quotes to sign-up for a health plan? 

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