We understand that the initial customer experience might have been disappointing for some of you. We are committed to making things manageable and providing the assistance and health care you need.

Many people told us that they had trouble creating Marketplace accounts – that pages got “closed” somewhere along the way, and they never made it to the finish line. We’re working hard to resolve all of the technical issues on Insurance Shopping, and we’re pleased to report that most users can now successfully create online accounts.

If you don’t see the big “Success” screen, it means there were problems with your account. Perhaps the verification process could freeze, you never received an email with a confirmation link, or the email link did not work. If this describes your experience, you should try to create a Marketplace account again.

Three points that can help you with Marketplace account creation

▪ If you didn’t get your account confirmation email, look for an email from us with the title tag “Marketplace account created” in your inbox or spam folder.

▪ If you’re experiencing difficulties creating an account, we’ve reset email addresses in our system to resolve any issues. So, try again with your email address.

▪ Please be patient if pages appear to load slowly. Clearing the browser history and cache, closing the browser completely, and trying again can sometimes help. Find browser-specific instructions and other helpful hints from your state agency online portals.


Remember, we’re still improving the overall user experience at InsuranceShopping.com. Every day, more and more applicants are successfully obtaining coverage online.

You have time until December 15 to enroll in a health insurance plan that will begin as early as January 1, 2023. In addition, the marketplace Open Enrollment Period will run from November 1 to December 15, 2022.