A managed-care plan is a type of health insurance. These plans have agreements with medical providers and healthcare facilities to provide low-cost care to members. These service providers make up the program’s network. The amount of care that your plan covers will depend on the network’s rules.

Plans that limit your options are typically less expensive. If you want a flexible program, it will surely cost you more. There are three main types of managed-care plans.

i) Health Maintenance Organizations (or HMOs) typically pay for the care provided within their network. You select a PCP (primary care physician) who will oversee most of your medical care.

ii) Preferred Provider Organizations (or PPO) typically pay more if you receive care from a provider within their network. If you go outside the plan’s network, they still pay a portion of the cost.

iii) Point of Service (or POS) plans give you the option of choosing between an HMO and a PPO plan each time you receive care.

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