Yes, individuals with felony convictions can obtain health insurance through the ACA’s Marketplace. And thanks to the Obamacare law, people with felony convictions can now apply for Medicaid upon their release from prison.  

As prisoners do not have access to Marketplace insurance while incarcerated, they receive medical coverage through the criminal justice system. The majority of ex-offenders have few assets and resources upon release, making it impossible for them to purchase an ACA plan. Once released, former inmates have a 60-day SEP (Special Enrollment Period) to sign up for a Marketplace health insurance plan. Get more information by reading our free step-by-step guide to enlisting in Obamacare health insurance here.

States that have opted for Medicaid expansion are now offering Medicaid coverage to all low-income young adults (non-elderly), rather than just pregnant, disabled, or dependent adults, as it was before the Medicaid expansion. Furthermore, this program is now open to all recently released prisoners and inmates. People with felony convictions who earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid can still shop for health plans through the ACA’s Marketplace. They also qualify for the cost-savings and premiums subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace.

You can compare health options and check your eligibility for Marketplace health insurance here. Marketplace plans cover preventive care, mental health, emergency care, and other services. If you want to learn more about personalized healthcare options, please call our consumer representative team at +1 855-913-1570.