You might be able to register your parents to your Marketplace health insurance if they contribute to your household income. Are you over the age of 25? Then this only holds if you can claim your parents’ contributions on your tax return. You should consult with a tax accountant to verify whether your parents are qualified as tax dependents. It’s unlikely this can happen, though it is worth investigating. And what if your health insurance plan allows you to add parents as dependents? Then you’ll be able to do so during your program’s annual Open Enrollment Period. Read our step-by-step guide to enrolling in Marketplace health insurance here. 

Do you need help adding your parents to your Marketplace coverage? Thanks to the Obama healthcare law, they can purchase their health plan through the ACA’s Marketplace during the federal, Open Enrollment Period (or OEP). You can also start to preview prices and shop for Marketplace health insurance here. Your parents may also qualify for coverage through Medicare or Medicaid insurance programs. You can check your Medicaid eligibility and apply online here. Or go to to learn more about Medicaid coverage.

Do you need assistance in reviewing and selecting the best healthcare plan for you and your family members? Please contact InsuranceShopping service agents at (855) 913-1570. You can also visit our site to learn more about your healthcare options for the forthcoming Open Enrollment Period.