Capital gains tax on Home Sale

capital gains tax

In this article, you will learn How can I avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of my home? How Much Does Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Cost? How Does the Capital Gains Tax Affect Homes? When Is a Home Sale Taxable in Its Entirety? How to Sell a House Without Paying Capital Gains […]

What is the Title Insurance?

title insurance

This article includes What Is Title Insurance? Understanding the Basics of Title Insurance Title Insurance Types Investing in Title Insurance The Consequences of Not Having Title Insurance What Kinds of Title Insurance Are There? What Is the Best Way to Purchase Title Insurance? Why Should You Invest in Title Insurance? What Is Title Insurance? Title […]

Six other Source of Income that Can Qualify You for a Mortgage

other forms of income

Before you can qualify for a mortgage, most lenders require a thorough check of your finances, including your source of income. Having good credit might sometimes not be enough to qualify you for a mortgage, and sometimes, it takes more than just one source of income. Now, suppose you’re going to be including other sources […]

How to Use a Home Equity Loan to Increase the Resale Value

home equity

How do you get the best out of your home equity loan? As a homeowner, equity can be a best friend and an umbrella in days of unprecedented rainy days. However, you necessarily do not have to wait for the rains before you use this umbrella. You can always use it as a fashion statement […]

What Is Escrow Account In Mortgage

escrow account mortgage

When you settle on a mortgage, your lender may establish a mortgage escrow account in which a portion of your monthly loan payment is placed to cover some of the costs of homeownership. Real estate taxes, insurance premiums, and private mortgage insurance are some of the fees that may be incurred. This procedure ensures that […]

Do I Need Home Insurance For A Rental?

home insurance

For example, let’s say you want to convert a house you own into a full-time rental. What kind of insurance do you need to protect your space when tenants live there? You probably need a homeowner’s policy. However, if you only want occasional renters, home insurance may be more suitable. Here are some factors to […]

What Is A Home Insurance Rider?

home insurance

A rider’s insurance, also called a float or rider, is an optional addition to an insurance policy. A home insurance rider changes basic insurance. By purchasing a pilot for your standard coverage, you may be able to increase your coverage limits, extend coverage for specific properties, or extend coverage to cover additional threats. WHY DO […]

5 Tips On Safe And Fun Winter Grilling

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The pandemic has got us all restricted to our homes. We all had to cancel almost all the plans made for this year. Be it traveling, weddings, parties, meetups, or business trips, you either canceled it or did it all virtually. While it is true that we are all restricted to our homes, it doesn’t […]

5 Tips On How To Close Your Cottage For The Winters

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Winters are all fun until the snow starts bothering you, and it gets so frozen that you can’t do anything. Be it staying home, going for a road trip, leaving the current house for few months in this season, or any other such activity, you need to be more prepared for possible issues that can […]

4 Ways To Protect Your Home When On A Vacation

home insurance

The favorite part of the year for everyone is the vacations. Who doesn’t look forward to spending some time away from home and work with their loved ones? Currently, it is that time of the year when everyone has done their job for the year and looks forward to some snowfall in a place far […]