It takes a vast amount of money, effort, and hard work to buy your own house and design it the way you want. This is the reason why you should be very careful about its safety and security. An excellent way to do so is by getting a homeowners insurance policy that has you covered at all times. If you still do not have one, then here are some most common homeowners insurance claims to make you realize the importance and benefits of the policy; 

Exterior Wind Damage 

Exterior wind damages account for 25-35% of all claims, most commonly in the northeast country. Strong winds and hail can knock off trees and cause significant damage to the property, which can be very expensive to repair. If the damage is extensive, you may have to move somewhere else temporarily. Unfortunately, very little can be done to prevent it, but most insurance plans will cover wind and hail-related damages. If you live in areas prone to tornadoes, you may need a separate policy or additional coverage. 

Water Damage

Plumbing failures are the most common cause of water-related damage, especially in the winter months. Cold weather causes the water in pipes to freeze, causing them to burst; this leakage can weaken and damage the structure. The best way to protect against it is to insulate the pipes, keep your home warm in the winter months, and have the pipes checked regularly. While most insurance plans will cover plumbing failures or other accidental water damage, accidents caused by neglect on the owners’ part, such as not removing hair from the drains or leaving the faucets running, are not covered. 


Theft can occur anywhere, regardless of how safe your neighborhood is, and it is extremely important to protect yourself from it. You can do a few things as a homeowner: installing security cameras, securing windows and doors at night and when you are away, having good lighting, and keeping a low profile on your social media accounts. Most insurance plans will cover theft, but it is essential to know what is covered and what isn’t. Additionally, it is also essential to update your list of contents protected by the insurance and have pictures/receipts to provide some record if a break-in occurs.  


Although rare, fire damage is one of the most expensive claims as it can destroy property fast and necessitate temporarily moving to a different area. Most of the fires are caused by overloaded electrical circuits and outlets. Many fires occur in the winter when people try to supplement their home heating system with wood-burning stoves. This can be prevented by having your chimney regularly inspected, cleaning the stoves to avoid grease fires, installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, blowing off candles, and turning off electronics when not in use. 


Floods are common, and so are the claims in this regard. If you live in an area that is more or moderately prone to floods, there are a lot of risks to the house. Be it the damage to the foundation, valuables, or the furniture present in the house. The loss is a lot in terms of money, so it is essential to have an acceptable insurance policy that covers you in this regard. Floods are covered in some homeowners insurance policies, while others need additional coverage. So make sure that you are aware and all covered in this regard. 

A homeowners insurance policy is essential as it helps you get coverage in times of damage or any loss. Claims like theft, wind damage, floods, fire, and water damage are some of the most common claims, which shows how crucial it is to have a policy. Search and shop around, compare the quotes, and get an excellent and affordable homeowners insurance policy now!