Everyone desires to get a marketplace health plan that covers most emergency needs at the lowest possible cost. Fortunately, state regulations and laws enforce several specific coverages to be mandatory in health plans. Therefore, there is an advantage of being backed by the government and getting the maximum benefits.

Marketplace Health plans have ten mandatory requirements that should be the minimum case for their enforcement. Apart from these basic minimum requirements, you can access other categories that vary according to state. Without any further delay, let’s review these ten coverage requirements in health plans.

Mandatory Marketplace Insurance Plan’s Coverage

Following are the ten minimum coverage requirements for any Marketplace health insurance plan.

  • Ambulance delivery services
  • Immediate emergency services
  • Hospitalization charges
  • Pregnancy and maternity expense charges and newborn care coverage (pre and post-birth)
  • Mental health medication issues and disorder problem services
  • Prescription drugs minimum cost coverage
  • Rehabilitation and habilitation devices and their services coverage
  • Laboratory test coverage
  • Preventive, wellness services and chronic disease management coverage
  • Pediatric services, including vision and oral care coverage

More Coverage Options

The plans mentioned earlier were the minimum requirement for a Marketplace health insurance plan. Gladly, there can be more services available for you. They are as follows:

  • Plenty of Marketplace insurance plans offer breastfeeding and birth control plans and medicines coverage.
  • Sometimes, your plan can offer multiple wellness services, including dental, vision care, and medical management program coverages. Medical programs may include weight management, diabetics care, back pain, etc.

Enroll Now

It’s clear that health insurance plans can be very beneficial because they are available at a low cost and provide maximum care options.

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