Most individuals become eligible for AARP Medicare coverage when they reach the age of 65. There are several different types of Medicare programs. The federal government manages some of these programs. Others, however, can be purchased through private health insurance companies. AARP partnered with United Healthcare to provide Medicare Part C coverage, also called Medicare Advantage health insurance. Medicare Advantage is a type of Medicare insurance plan. Private insurance companies that have contracts with Medicare sell these health insurance plans.

Medicare Advantage combines the benefits typically provided by Medicare Part A and Part B (traditional Medicare) into a single plan, such as hospital stays and doctor visits. If you don’t meet the requirements for Medicare, you have several other insurance options for high-quality medical care coverage. You can find your eligibility for Medicaid or Obamacare health insurance plans by clicking on the links below. These plans cover pre-existing medical conditions, mental health, prescription drugs, emergency care, and other benefits.

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