If you overlooked Open Enrollment deadlines and did not register in the 2021 Marketplace coverage plan, you may still have options to get health insurance services for 2021 in two ways.

Sign Up And Change 2021 Plans With A SEP (Special Enrollment Period)

  • If you experience specific life events such as getting married, relocating, having a child, or losing health insurance, you might be eligible for SEP. This signifies that you may be able to obtain health insurance coverage throughout the year.
  • Search our website to check if your life events make you eligible for this health insurance.

Apply For CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) And Medicaid

  • CHIP and Medicaid offer complimentary and low-cost health insurance to millions of Americans. It includes individuals with limited earnings, families, children, the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities.
  • If eligible, your health coverage will start at any time of the year.

More Coverage Options

Insurance shopping provides free services and helps you enroll in the right insurance plan. So, if you are looking for health coverage options, go to the insurance shopping website and check the plan that works best for you.