Health Insurance Options for New College Graduates

Congratulations, college grads. Whether you are starting a new work or planning your next relocation, you have several options for health insurance coverage. Purchasing a health insurance plan may be simpler than you think.

Three Health Insurance Options For The New College Grads

1) Get A Marketplace Health Insurance Plan

You can enroll in Marketplace coverage plan for the rest of 2021 if you have certain life events, such as: moving or leaving the place where you attended school or losing your coverage (i.e., dropping off a student coverage or your parent’s plan). If you have any of these changes, you might be eligible for the Special Enrollment Period.

2) If You’re Under 26, Stay Connected With Your Parents’ Coverage

If the parents’ health insurance plan includes dependents, you typically can be linked to their plan and stay on it until you’re 26.

3) Get Medicaid Coverage, If You Qualify

If you’re starting a business, working part-time, and don’t making enough money, you will be eligible for Medicaid health insurance. If you get approved for this plan, coverage can begin immediately, at any time of the year.

Get Going!

If you don’t register for any of these programs, you can purchase health coverage through Insurance Shopping. Contact our agent to help you choose the right plan that meets your needs.

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