Everyone will require health insurance at some point in their lives. It is true even if you are young and healthy. Marketplace health insurance offers a variety of options that put you in charge of your insurance coverage and medical care services.

1) If you’re under 25, you will be able to join your parents’ health insurance plan. This applies to you regardless of whether you are at school, do not live at home, aren’t eligible for an employer’s plan, or depend on your parents financially. It also refers to you even if you’re married.

2) Moreover, your coverage under a parent’s plan expires on your 26th birthday. Nevertheless, you can still use Marketplace insurance to compare health plans based on your priorities. When you apply for insurance programs available in the Marketplace, you’ll determine if you qualify for lower monthly premiums and get lower out-of-pocket expenses. You will also learn if you’re eligible for complimentary or low-cost coverage through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid.

3) If you are under 30, you will be able to purchase a particular type of coverage plan that protects you from high medical care expenses. These “catastrophic” plans typically have lower costs and protect you against the worst-case scenarios. In the Marketplace, catastrophic plans include three doctor visits per year and free preventive care.

Happy Enrolling!

Are you looking forward to having your insurance coverage in 2022? Open enrollment begins on November 1, 2021, with coverage beginning as early as January 1. So don’t delay and apply for health insurance through Insurance Shopping.