The Marketplace health insurance is now open for business, and we’re working hard to assist you in obtaining coverage. We are making improvements to, and more consumers are applying and receiving coverage every day.

How to Apply for Health Insurance

There are primarily four ways to apply for health insurance through the Marketplace program.

i) Apply online: To get started, go to this page and choose your state.

ii) Apply over the phone: Call +1 855-913-1570 to apply for and enlist in a health insurance plan by phone. (TTY: 1-800-855-0511)

iii) Apply via mail: Send your application by mail. Fill out the paper enrollment application and submit it.

iv) Apply in person: Go to a qualified advisor in your community to obtain relevant data, apply and register in person.

Find out how to apply in each of the four ways

Here’s what you should know about the Marketplace coverage before you apply. You can use the calculator available on your state’s agency website to learn if you qualify for lower coverage costs and preview health plans and expenses before beginning your application.