What is an Insurance Premium?

insurance premium

In this article, you will learn What percentage of an insurance company’s premium is subject to taxation? What is employer-Paid Life Insurance? How much percentage of an insurance company’s premium is subject to taxation? When purchasing life insurance, it’s critical to think about the tax ramifications. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) applies different tax regulations […]

What is permanent life insurance?

What is permanent life insurance?

Death is the most certain thing there is to all humans, and protecting and catering for loved ones after the grim reaper has come calling is a concern for most. This is where life insurance steps in. There are several forms of life insurance. One of which is permanent life insurance. Permanent life insurance, simply […]

3 Outrageous Ways to Use Your Insurance Coverage 2021

You might decide to cut on your spending, and your insurance plan might be on your list. However, you’re doing the wrong thing. The insurance plan will be there for you in the most unfortunate circumstances where no one can afford to help you. From special care to hospital expenses to prescriptions, your healthcare plan […]

Guide to Activating Insurance Health Plan 2021

It’s always a great feeling to buy your insurance health plan. However, you should also learn how to activate it. You have to pay your first premium to kick-start your health plan coverage if you didn’t know. You can pay online easily on your health government online portal. However, you should keep a check on […]

Options for Coverage After Open Enrollment Ends

It’s dismal to see that you couldn’t make it through the open enrollment. We can feel your pain because being out of coverage can put one in depression. Don’t worry. You still got two options to get coverage, even if the enrollment period is over. The two options are simply applying through Special Enrollment or […]

End To Your Misunderstanding About Health Coverage

Whenever you buy your first health coverage, numerous questions are jumbling in your mind. Well, it’s completely natural because many people are unaware of their coverage specifics. Whether you have recently purchased your coverage or you’re an old customer, it’s never harmful to learn about your coverage and make the most out of it. Therefore, […]

Brace Yourself Because the Tax Season is Coming!

Every year, you will get anxiety about your taxation when the season starts to come close. Therefore, it’s important to have documents ready beforehand before things mess up and you fail to meet the deadline. As a result, there can be serious repercussions from the IRS. Do you want to add extra stress to your […]

What You Should Know About Health Insurance Tax Bills

Imagine one day you come to your home only to see a deadline or warning notice from the IRS? No one would like that. Therefore, if you have an insurance health plan, always be on the lookout for the taxation documents, for you don’t need to suffer the repercussion of missing the deadline. Most commonly, […]

Free Services in Health Care Plan

Sometimes, you may think that health care spending might be a useless bill. Imagine spending a portion of your monthly income on health plans even when you don’t need it might sound quite an unnecessary bill. However, you are not fully aware of your health plan benefits. Fortunately, there are some free items that you […]

What Are the Current Low-Cost Marketplace Coverage Options?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government has provided plenty of relaxing benefits for the public. Amidst a few, the American rescue plan Act 2021 was one of the most popular plans. Even if you weren’t eligible before, now you can get low costs and savings on health coverage due to this act. Your savings […]