With rising healthcare costs, purchasing a health insurance plan has become essential. However, finding the most suitable health plan isn’t easy. There are hundreds of health plan options out there, which makes choosing the best plan difficult. Plus, when you set out to view health insurance quotes of different companies, you cannot figure out the differences between them.

Health insurance quotes are a great way to find a customizable plan that meets your budget, requirement, and medical needs. While it’s important to compare and analyze how these health insurance quotes work, many newbies may simply overlook them. Without any further ado, we’ll see what role health insurance quotes play and on what basis we should compare them. 

What are Health Insurance Quotes?

Health insurance quotes are a tool that many insurance websites and providers use to give a cost estimate of a standard health plan. A typical insurance provider will send you quotes from multiple companies that meet your requirements. You have the complete autonomy to select your plan type and choose the plan that conforms to your needs and budgets.

What Types of Health Insurance Quotes Are Available?

Insurance providers offer mostly all types of insurance quotes. Some providers may focus on a specific insurance service, such as individual health insurance, while some may provide group and short-term insurance. Following, we’ll look at each type of health insurance quote that you can possibly get. 

Individual and Families Health Insurance 

These insurance types are ACA-compliant and include essential benefits, including outpatient care, hospitalization, and preventive care. You can get them in the healthcare Marketplace, but you can also get them through a broker. Since there can be so many plans to navigate, a broker can often find you the best deal at no extra cost. 

Within individual and family health insurance, there are further categories as follows:

  • Short-term insurance is when you get temporary coverage that usually ends within a year or so. You may even have renewals to extend the policy. These policies have a low premium, but they are non-ACA compliant, which means they don’t offer the essential benefits. 
  • ACA plans are the most common health insurance plan which provides numerous care services. These plans cover the basic essential benefits as outlined by ACA. They may even offer additional care benefits such as vision and dental care, but it depends upon the provider. 
  • Indemnity insurance plans are different plans that pay you a fixed cost for any health service. Suppose your plan gives you $100. The plan will give you this $100 fixed amount for any doctor, regardless of the healthcare cost. However, these plans are also not ACA-compliant.

Medicare Plans

Medicare is a state-regulated medical program only for seniors aged 65 or more. It is one of the most popular healthcare systems in the US, and many people make use of it. Since they are very prominent health insurance plans, many insurance providers can give your health insurance quotes for Medicare plans. 

Medicaid Plans 

Medicaid plans are a specific type of plan that only targets people who don’t have the means to pay a standard insurance plan premium. You can often get them at low cost or even at zero cost. Furthermore, these are generally provided to disabled individuals, pregnant women, children, and elderly adults. 

Since many people use Medicaid plans, several insurance providers can provide Medicaid health insurance quotes. 

Medicare Supplemental Coverage

Supplemental coverage involves paying for the extra cost that you pay for your healthcare service. For example, Medicare pays around 80% of a certain medical cost. Now, you must incur the rest of the 20% cost, which is mostly known as copays or coinsurance. Medicare supplemental coverage can help you pay for these costs. 

These are extremely beneficial in cases when you go through a procedure that leaves you with a high bill. For example, a cardiac bypass can cost around $50,000. Medicare can pay the first $40,000, but you’ll still have to pay $10,000, which is quite a noticeable cost. Having supplemental coverage can ease such payment burdens. Many providers have Supplemental coverage plans quotes. Some of the types are as follows:

  • Medigap: it’s the supplemental coverage that functions in the same way as explained earlier. 
  • Dental/Vision Care: Some plans might not provide you with dental and vision care coverage. Therefore, you might have to pay from your pocket. Fortunately, you can save on these costs by purchasing supplemental coverage for such services.

If you are looking to add supplemental coverage to your plan, get free quotes on Insurance Shopping. 

How does Health Insurance Quotes Process Work?

The process is quite simple. If you want to find the best health insurance plans, you can go to any insurance website. For instance, Insurance shopping provides a seamless way to complete your request and connect you with some best health insurance providers. Following is a typical process to get health insurance quotes:

  • Enter your ZIP code. 
  • Select your plan type and fill in all your personal information. 
  • Using your age, income, gender, health complications, and other metrics, the system will find you customizable quotes that meet your requirements. 

Similarly, you can choose a low premium plan type if you want an affordable cheap insurance plan quote. Using your income and plan type, the system will connect you to leading insurance providers such as Cigna, BSBC, and Aetna.

How to Compare Health Insurance Quotes?

When you request quotes from a website like Insurance Shopping, you’ll get quotes from multiple providers. Choosing the best one among them might seem to be difficult. However, you can compare them using the following dimensions:

  • Health plan type
  • Metal Tiers
  • Costs involved 

Health plans generally differ in premium payments and network options. Health plans can include HMOs, PPOs, EPOs, and POS. HMOs are generally limited network plans with a low premium, while PPOs are large networks with high premiums. POS is somewhat a mix of PPO and HMO and is mostly preferred. 

Generally, there are four metal tiers, including bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All of these differ in out-of-pocket and premium costs. Bronze plans have high out-of-pocket costs and low premiums. Now, out-of-pocket costs reduce, and premiums increase as you increase on the plan tier. 

Similarly, you should investigate the cost structure, including premium, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs of your health insurance quote. A deductible is an amount you must pay before your plans start to cover for you, while out-of-pocket refers to the maximum limit you can pay out of your pocket, including deductibles and copays. After you reach a maximum out-of-pocket, the plan will provide 100% coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an indemnity plan?

Indemnity health plans are different from traditional insurance because you can choose any provider. Insurance companies pay a predetermined percentage of certain healthcare services in such plans. However, these are non-ACA compliant and may have fewer services as covered in ACA plans. 

2. Where to get a health insurance quote?

You can get health insurance from one of the three following channels:

  • Employers: Employers with 50 or more full-time employees must have group insurance. Therefore, you can get an insurance quote from your job.
  • Healthcare providers: Directly contacting any health insurance company will give you several plan options with different premiums. 
  • Brokers: Brokers can help you connect to the most suitable health providers at no extra cost. Mostly, they provide customizable quotes according to your income to meet your budget. 

3. How to read a health insurance quote?

Whenever you get your quote, it has all the information you need. There’ll be information about the deductibles, co-pays, premiums, and the health plan type. Plus, you can also access the summary of benefits and learn about the various coverages a particular plan offers.

4. Where can I get health insurance quotes?

The easiest way to get a health insurance quote is through a broker’s website. Fill in your personal details and ZIP codes, and you’ll have multiple quotes at your discretion. 

5. Are Quotes Customizable?

Yes, Insurance shopping offers you completely customizable quotes according to your needs. We can get you cost-effective plans that offer the services that you need. 

6. Can I add my spouse and children to my insurance?

Yes, you can add dependents to your insurance policy. Plus, a typical insurance plan can cover your child till age 26.

7. What is an EPO plan?

An exclusive provider organization (EPO) is a health plan type with a network of local doctors and hospitals and allows you to see specialists without a referral. These plans usually have a low premium with high deductibles, and they don’t cover out-network bills. 


Health insurance quotes are a great tool to compare healthcare services, cost structure, and coverage. Plus, it offers a benchmark to choose the best plan that conforms to your needs. Do you also want to get sign-up for a cost-effective and suitable health plan?

Get your health plan insurance quotes exclusively from Insurance Shopping.