Do you know Mr. Howard?

Howard L. is a self-employed software creator who needs medical insurance.

Howard creates healthcare software and, like millions of other Americans, has been refused health coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Remained Uninsured Until 2014

Mr. Howard shared the following story with us:

“I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus five years ago. When you get that medical examination, the insurance company declares you as “uninsurable.”

I now participate in diabetes clinical trials to gain access to medical care. I’m one of the people who are used as test subjects for new drugs.

Insurance companies want perfect people, which is impossible to find. Everyone will get something at some point in their life.

How the Marketplace Programs Assists People Like Howard

Howard will have more healthcare options in 2022 because he is self-employed.

Howard will not be denied coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition or charged more because of diabetes.

All plans in the Marketplace health insurance will cover a range of 10 essential health benefits, including 15 preventive care services and chronic disorder management.

Howard may be able to negotiate lower rates on a variety of Marketplace health plans.

Tell Us Your Story

Howard is excited to get insurance coverage and will be able to select the Marketplace health insurance plan that best meets his needs.

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