The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone six months and older get the influenza vaccine by the mid of October. You can help reduce the spread of flu-related ailments, hospital admissions, and even death by getting vaccinated.

Three more reasons why you should get your flu vaccine:

i) With Marketplace programs, your flu vaccine is free from a doctor in your plan’s network. According to government insurance policies, immunization vaccines are a preventive care benefit—each Marketplace plan must provide.

ii) While children, babies, and the elderly are the most vulnerable to the flu, no one is immune to it.

iii) Getting immunized is more important than everything else. Getting an influenza vaccine helps reduce diseases and conserve health care resources as the state battles the COVID-19 emergency conditions.

According to the CDC report, the flu shot does not increase the risk of contracting coronavirus disease (COVID-19). When you get your vaccine, keep a social distance, always wear a mask, and avoid waiting areas.